Clinical and Experimental Vision and Eye Research
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Contrast Sensitivity and Glaucoma
  George L. Spaeth
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.19  


Viscosealing: A novel technique for port closure in pediatric cataract surgery
  Savleen Kaur, Jaspreet Sukhija, Deepak Jugran, Jagat Ram
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.20  

• Rectus muscle plication in the treatment of anomalous head positionassociated with nystagmus
  Theodor C. Sauer, Federico G. Velez, Stacy L. Pineles
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.21  

• Spontaneous intrapapillary hemorrhage with adjacent peripapillarysubretinal hemorrhage in adolescents
  Caryssa L. Yan, Marten E. Brelén, Haoyu Chen, Calvin Pang, Weiqi Chen
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.22  

• Flap protection during laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis improves refractive outcomes in high myopic astigmatism
  Duvdevan Nitsan, Mimouni Michael, Dominitz Yuval, Sela Tzahi, Munzer Gur, Achiron Asaf, Kaiserman Igor
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.23  


• Sustained drug delivery platforms – A new era for glaucoma treatment
  Karny Shouchane-Blum, Noa Geffen, Alon Zahavi
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.24  

• XEN Gel stent: A Review
  Sonal Dangda, Maria V. Castanos, Anna Do, Joseph F. Panarelli
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.25  


• Gentamicin-induced macular toxicity following flanged intraocular lens fixation
  Simar Rajan Singh, Mohit Dogra, Kiran Chandra, Mangat Ram Dogra
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.26  

Novel maneuver for the alleviation of pseudophakic optic capture and consequent pupillary block: A case report and technique
  Natalya Shilova, Amir Sternfeld, Irit Bahar, Eitan Livny
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.27

• Dental implant causing lateral rectus muscle traumatic laceration
  Yoav Vardizer, Shamaly Shamaly, Doris Raveh, Dror Shamir, Nina Borisovsky,Inbal Man-Pelles, Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.28  

• Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome presenting as bilateral simultaneousacute angle closure
  Swati Singh, Sushmita Kaushik, Savleen Kaur, Ramandeep Singh, Surinder Singh Pandav
  DOI : 10.15713/ins.clever.29  

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