Clinical and Experimental Vision and Eye Research
The Open-access Journal Controversy
  Shibal Bhartiya, Colin Clement, Syril Dorairaj  

Effect of treatment zone diameter on the clinical results of femtosecond laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis and trans-photorefractive keratectomy for the correction of myopia
  Assaf Gershoni , Sabaa Knaneh , Michael Mimouni , Eitan Livny, Irit Bahar, Yoav Nahum  

Pediatric orbital tumors - An overview
  Rachna Meel  

Aphakic pupillary block: A case study and review of the literature
  Elinor Megiddo Barnir, Amir Hadayer, Noa Geffen, Alon Zahavi  

Survey of ophthalmology Delayed visual maturation or temporary visual inattention
  Andrew Tatham , Saurabh Jain  

Spectrum of presentation in primary congenital glaucoma and its relation to the early outcome
  Sushmita Kaushik, Savleen Kaur, Indu Bala Dhiman, Adit Gupta, Srishti Raj, Surinder Singh Pandav  

Analysis of ocular pulse amplitude values in different pregnancy stages as measured by dynamic contour tonometry
  Luciana Arias Fernandez , Aline Kátia Siqueira Sousa , Larissa Marimoto Doi , Syril Dorairaj , Carlos Alexandre Garcia Filho , Augusto Paranhos , Tiago Santos Prata  

Binocular treatment of amblyopia

Optical coherence tomography assessment for attached posterior vitreous in eyes with macular holes and epiretinal membranes
  Petros Aristodemou, Marten E. Brelen, Nishant Kumar, Richard Markham , Richard J. Haynes , Andrew Dick